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Kyoko Kitamura, voice

Russ Lossing, piano

Adam Kolker, bass clarinet

Mark Helias, bass, producer

Release Date

October 1, 2020

Pre-release Nov. 4 ,2020

Aqua Piazza Records 002

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Russ Lossing

solo piano improvisations

Recorded May 2012

live in NYC

Released November 2015

Aqua Piazza Records 001


Russ Lossing

1.   Eclipse                             8:39                                        

2.   Moving Shadow                 6:56                                        

3.   Distant Earth                 5:33                                        

4.   Upper and Lower Unite     5:46                                        

5.   If Ever                             2:38                                        

6.   As Is                             4:24                                        

7.   Open Flame                 5:31                                        

8.   If So                             4:21                                        

9.   Blood Vanishes                 4:27                                        

10.  Not So                             3:06                                        

11.  Water Over Fire                 5:49                                        

Russ Lossing, solo piano


Total Time 58:00

Recorded live in New York City on May 21, 2012 by Clare Oakes.

Mixed and Mastered by Paul Wickliffe, Skyline Productions, Warren, N.J.

Liner notes by Ben Monder

Cover illustration and graphics by Abbey Lossing

This music is wholly improvised and appears in the order in which it was performed.

All works by Russ Lossing, Woodworth Edition, BMI    Copyright 2015

Produced by Russ Lossing

Aqua Piazza Records 001

"Russ Lossing is... an iconoclast in the best sense of the word, a true innovator. " - All About Jazz